AntiGravity - Basics

This is our intro class designed for beginners, where we teach you the basics like how to get into the hammock, fundamental terminology, getting into basic poses like our Zero-Compression Inversions, basic transitions, how to breath through the various sequences, and just starting to get into the flow of how to use hammock with your body and make it work for you. All of our classes are also mindfully sequenced to music, keeping it in tandem with the flow of the class itself, creating an even deeper, more inviting, and uplifting environment to play in and also relax to.

AntiGravity - All Levels

This class is designed, as it says, for all levels of students. Whether your new to Aerial Yoga or are an advanced Yogi whose been to many classes before, this class is designed to be both accessible, safe, fun, and also challenging for any and everyone who wants to do Aerial Yoga with us. It is nice balance and combination of sequences and poses from both Basics as well as Aerial Yoga Flow, again to make it both fun and challenging for any level of student.

AntiGravity - AIRbarre

This is AntiGravity's newest program to launch, and it is essentially an Aerial Dance Conditioning class, drawing from and utilizing mainly the techniques of both Barre, Ballet, and Yoga to once again create a fun, playful, but also challenging fitness class for any and all student levels. I like to describe it as a Ballet Yoga Fusion class for adults, and is fun and accesible to both beginners and advanced students alike, whether you've been dancing and doing yoga for years, or have never taken a single class in your life. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a good AIRbarre class, as it is a FITNESS class! Its especially great for toning and strengthening the legs, but is also great for building up core, as well as upper body strength, while creating lovely lines in the body, a sense of grace as well as agility, and the best part, you still get to have your 10 min of Floating Sivasana at the end of class! So come in and try an AIRbarre class today! We are also the only studio currently in WA to be offering AIRbarre, so this is a particularly unique opportunity to try something completely new and awesome that nobody else in the Puget Sound area is offering right now.

Restorative Aerial Yoga

Imagine coming into a yoga studio, low lighting with candles lit, soothing music playing in the background, and sitting down into a soft, comfortable silk hammock for 75 minutes of Restorative Yoga in a hammock.....sound like something you'd be interested in? Then come in and try our restorative version of Aerial Yoga, where we lower the hammocks down to only about a foot off the floor. It is by far our most relaxing, easy, and rejuvenating class we offer. It is designed for any and all levels of student, from beginner to advanced. All the poses we do are on the floor, including the few gentle inversions we do because yes, even in a restorative class, we still have inversions. The lighting is also very low with only candles on the floor, with very soft and soothing music in the background to help set the mood for the ultimate hour of relaxation. Everyone can enjoy a good restorative yoga class, and the hammock makes it even more accessible and easy to transition from pose to pose, and go even deeper into each stretch, as you relax into your hammock, releasing tension and moving into the flow. It truly is a one of a kind experience, so come try a class today.

AntiGravity - Aerial Yoga Flow (Intermediate)

In this class, we take it to the next level, creating more of a flow as we move through the sequencing, using the techniques of Vinyasa Yoga as well as Aerial Yoga, to create a more fluid and dynamic series of poses, mindfully using the breath (Prana) with the movements of the body (Asana), to create both an uplifting and as well as relaxing energy to the class. This is also a more advanced class, and it is highly recommended that all participating students have taken at least 2-3 Basics or All Levels classes BEFORE signing up for this class, as one needs to be comfortable enough using the hammock at a basic level before moving onto this kind of class structure.