Here's what just a few of our satisfied clients have to say about our Sound Healing & Yoga services...


“As an individual who is in tune with the energy inside of all things, I was open to the idea of healing with sound and energetic vibrations. Anna is incredibly passionate and her sessions are far-reaching and powerful. She asks you what's going on in your life and decides which chakras/tuning forks to work with based on your intentions right now. During the session, I fell deep inside myself on a meditative journey after our time together, I was certain that the blockages within my body were dissolved. I felt at peace, like a smiling, innocent child right before bed. At bliss, I thanked Anna and slipped off into a deep slumber. I recommend Anna's healing energy for anyone at anytime!”
– Laurel, AZ


“Anna's tuning fork treatment was great. It was a soothing and restorative experience. I felt energetically balanced all afternoon. Thank you Anna, for sharing your gifts with me through our session together, it was wonderful.”

- Sean, NM

“Anna's session with me using tuning fork therapy left me relaxed and invergerated. Her approach was professional and intuitive. Thank you for such a positive experience Anna!"

- J.R., ID

“I had not heard of tuning fork therapy before and what I had expected was to feel a little calmer after the treatment. What Anna did, however, was pull all of the negative energy I was feeling in my chakras out. I could feel the energy calm while she used the tuning forks up and down my chakras. It was much more than I ever expected and I am so happy I was introduced to this amazing form of sound healing by such an adept practitioner. Thank you, Anna. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a bit of healing.”

- Heather, NJ

“While attending a yoga teacher training together, I had the fortune of meeting Anna, and witnessing her awesome healing powers first hand. I have been dealing with several health issues in my back for years now including a herniated disc and painful sciatica, that due to 2 weeks of heavy and vigorous daily yoga practice, had become inflamed. I had also been dealing with a severe headache and nausea, when Anna noticed that something was bothering me, came over and asked what was wrong. That’s when she decided to drop everything she was doing, in order to offer a helping hand and some healing to me, which I definitely needed. I figured it couldn’t get any worse so I might as well try and see if it might help. It was then that had me sit down, while she continued to “work her magic” on me so to speak. For the next 10 min., I was bestowed with her gifts of healing as I could immediately feel energy flowing freely through me, moving through any and all areas of pain within my body, and could even feel this energy “un-sticking” if you will, all the areas in my body where there had been stuck energy, and literally felt it moving all the negative energy, down and out through my intestinal tract, until the sick feeling I had been carrying around all day, and all the nausea was gone. Within the next 30-60 min after we had finished our session, virtually all the pain caused by the sciatica I had been feeling was gone from my hip and lower back, allowing me to return happily to my day, and to my practice. So thank you Anna, I will never forget our time together, you truly have a gift.”
- Krysti, NB


“My sound healing session with Anna today made me feel extremely uplifted, becoming aware of my surroundings, yet also very relaxed. It was late at night right before I was about to go to bed, and because I felt so relaxed after our session, I fell asleep almost immediately after, and felt such a clarity after wards, especially after waking up the next morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of peace, serenity, and purity I felt and experienced during our time together. So thank you Anna, for sharing your gifls, and introducing me to such a powerful healing modality. I’d recommend you to anyone. looking for some release and healing.“
- Lindsay, IL


"The treatment Anna gave me was extremely relaxing, and cultivated a wonderfully peaceful space. I felt very safe and contained during the session. The vibrations I was feeling allowed me to release a lot of tension and stress that I had been holding onto. After the session was over, I felt lighter, and much more aware of my surroundings, I felt more present.  I enjoyed the treatment very much, and would certainly do it again, and can’t recommend Anna highly enough. She has great energy and presence about her. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience Anna.”
- Clive, UK


“The vibrations from the sound waves and from Anna’s energy resonated so strongly throughout my whole physical and energetic body, and even afterwards still remained in my immediate awareness, and left a lasting impression. The frequency and vibrations calmed and centered me, allowing my thoughts and the stresses of my day to subside, and to be enveloped in a feeling of pure, utter relaxation. Thank you so much Anna, I feel great!”
-Terra, KS