~Private Sessions~

~Note~ To book any of the following types of private sessions with us, just email for scheduling, pricing options, and any other questions you may have in regards to a private session. Thank you.

Thai Yoga Therapy

Traditional Thai Yoga is an ancient system of healing with its roots in Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and Buddhist spiritual practice. This unique and ancient healing system uses a series of assisted Yogic adjustments and deep stretches, along with certain breathing and hands-on techniques, where both the giver and reciever (client) can experience tremendous benefit and healing during any given session. It releases tension, increases vitality, and creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit in both the client as well as practitioner. A typical Thai Yoga Therapy session lasts about 90 min, and is done on a special type of thick mat on the floor, where the Practitioner guides the client into various poses and assisted stretches, along with other hands on adjustments and techniques, to help the client experience deep healing and release. We also again, like to include and incorporate Sound Healing techniques into these sessions as an option, to create an even more deep and holistic experience. Thai Yoga Therapy truly is a wonderful modality that everyone should experience at least once. So if your interested in a session with us, please read the bold print below on how to contact us for more info.

- Please arrive 5-15 minutes early for your session to get checked in and fill out the waiver & intake form

Aerial Thai Yoga

In our Aerial Thai Yoga sessions, you get to experience a completely new and unique, as well as wonderfully holistic healing art form, that combines the arts of both Aerial Yoga and Thai Yoga, also with a few specific Sound Healing techniques as well, to create a deep sense of relaxation, release, and healing for each client. This is truly like nothing you've ever experienced before! Each session is tailored to the clients individual needs, which allows for a deeper, more intimate healing experience, while utilizing several different modalities that is both relaxing and uplifting at the same time.

While the client and/or the Instructor move in and out of the hammock into different poses and stretches, we also as previously stated, like to incorporate Sound Healing into the session as well using various different types of instruments/tools such as Tuning Fork Therapy and Tibetan Singing bowls to add even more depth of healing to the session (however is completely optional), which is what truly makes our sessions so unique and different from anything else out there. Combining the benefits and power of both Aerial Yoga, Thai Yoga, and Sound Healing, our sessions give clients an experience they will never forget. However, clients should be aware that the emphasis will be Aerial and Thai Yoga during these sessions. So if this sounds like something your interested in, please read bold print below and contact us for more info.

- Please arrive 5-15 minutes early for your session to get checked in and fill out the waiver & intake form

Sound Healing

Along with Yoga, Sound Healing is also a very ancient art form that has been used and practiced for thousands of years, and Sound Healing especially has been used throughout history, in many different cultures both ancient and modern, around the world, to bring deep healing, connection, and understanding of the universe through music, to this planet and its people. Music afterall, is the only truly universal art that anyone from any culture can understand and feel connected to, which is why it is so healing on both a physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual level.

During a typical one-on-one Sound Healing session, I like to combine both Sound Healing techniques, with the added benefits of Yoga, as both art forms are very much intertwined and compliment each other well. So in any given session, I usually start by guiding the client into various different Yoga poses on the floor with blankets, bolsters, blocks, etc. After guiding the client into a pose, I will then utilize various sound healing tools and techniques in tandem with each pose, using tools and instruments such as toning, tuning forks, and singing bowls by placing them on various specific places and points on the client's body, to create a much more holistic sense of healing and well being than previously experienced. Though just o be clear, it is the Sound Healing aspect that is emphasized in this particular type of session.

- Please arrive 5-15 minutes early for your session to get checked in and fill out the waiver & intake form